Case Studies
Lead Generation Case Study
Remax Realtor Case Study

A RE/MAX real estate team in Maryland was having a challenge in developing both home seller and home buyer leads online. As a small team, they needed to standout against an already crowded Realtor space. Additionally, they had endured a social media disaster from their target audience due to a poor marketing strategy of a prior agency that had worked for them in the digital space.

We determined the value proposition and lead funnel strategy that incorporated the inquire submission details. We developed a range of inquire lead form pages to split test submissions. We split tested creatives to determine responsiveness of ads using Keyword Search Retargeting and Facebook ads using Pay Per Click. We combined successful text and images from PPC to develop retargeting ads that had stellar CTR and drove the most qualified leads.

Results: Within 60 days we were capturing qualified leads beyond expectations set at the beginning of the campaigns. During that period of time we drove 2,950 people to the two web properties and had 289 form fill-outs.

Client reported lead quality was high and that most leads were leaving valid follow-up contact information. They increased their budget for digital marketing and we are continuing to split-test.
Conquest Sales Case Study
A Nissan Dealership in Upstate New York was looking to grow incrementally and to generate new costumers in both unit sales and repairs orders.

We outlined a digital strategy to increase conquest sales by 30 to 60 units in a 45 day period of time to a targeted audience that have not bought a vehicle in the past five years nor had service in the past two years with the dealership.

We set out using a combination of Clickstream Data and Programmatic Data to identify "in-the-market" car buyers within the area and we're able to identify them by name, address, phone, and email. We eliminated existing clients from our data set to get a pure conquest marketing list.

We drove traffic primarily using email marketing and display ads to create awareness and capture motivated buyers for web retargeting and showroom visits.

All traffic to their website was verified & confirmed by Google Analytics. Plus every conquest unit sale and service was tracked & matched by an authoritative DMS sales match on a per person basis.

Results: Within 45 days the dealership sold 63 additional vehicles and also gained 112 conquest service clients. We also drove 3,140 visitors to their website of which 95{d0f1fecb15687273494e1d6f19a9af833741602e255a571d121167a905295e4e} were first-time visitors. Overall the dealership achieved a 1,329{d0f1fecb15687273494e1d6f19a9af833741602e255a571d121167a905295e4e} ROI.
Nissan Case Study
Product Sales Case Study

A toy company with 14 brands had seen flatline sales for 5 years and was looking to explore the best opportunity to leverage digital marketing to generate growth in both online sales and brick and mortar sales. The opportunity to us was if we could grow the top brand then we would have access to develop strategies for the other 13 brands.

After working with the company to define the Value Proposition of their top brand, determine the ideal audience, and outline the digital strategy to capture them, we set out using a combination of RTB, Facebook Ads, and YouTube Ads to create awareness and capture motivated buyers. Using a combination of special offers and sweepstakes we drove visitors through successive funnels to increase brand awareness and capture their information for continued marketing via autoresponders.

We drove traffic primarily using RTB for web targeting and retargeting through the separate funnels. We drove social traffic using Facebook targeting through several engagement options. We used Google Analytics to determine audience characteristics and further enhance targeting. YouTube intercepted buyers of competing brands and drove them to our special offers.

Results: Within 60 days sales at the client ecommerce store grew 90{d0f1fecb15687273494e1d6f19a9af833741602e255a571d121167a905295e4e} and on Amazon grew 157{d0f1fecb15687273494e1d6f19a9af833741602e255a571d121167a905295e4e}. Organic search traffic from the brand name surged to 120{d0f1fecb15687273494e1d6f19a9af833741602e255a571d121167a905295e4e} of prior volume. Client's National Retailer inventory was depleted at such a rate as to require them to double order sizes.
Lead Generation Case Study
A college had a very specific challenge in driving online leads for new inquiries and applications. As a smaller college, they really needed to be seen and heard above the noise of college/university education advertising in their audience profile.

In addition there was another third party running Pay Per Click campaigns to generate leads and inquiries and we had to be able to track our results separately, and they would be compared. We designed a very specific and targeted value proposition where they could demonstrate themselves as a leader among their target audience.

Using that VP we developed creative that would resonate and assembled a landing page funnel that made it easy to inquire directly about specific programs that were part of this value proposition. We used RTB targeting followed by specific retargeting funnels defined by the creative.

Results: Within 30 days the college experienced a 82{d0f1fecb15687273494e1d6f19a9af833741602e255a571d121167a905295e4e} growth in QUALIFIED leads. The college experienced the highest "Inquiry to Application" rate of every digital program they had run of 32{d0f1fecb15687273494e1d6f19a9af833741602e255a571d121167a905295e4e}. Additionally, organic search traffic from users searching the college name doubled, increasing organic leads substantially. They increased their budget for digital marketing for the first time in 10 years, the increase was 70{d0f1fecb15687273494e1d6f19a9af833741602e255a571d121167a905295e4e}.
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